Optase Protect Eyelid Cleanser


A Preservative Free, Antibacterial Eye Spray for The Daily Hygiene of Eyelids, Eyelashes and Surrounding Skin – PH Neutral – 100ml



  • An effective yet gentle cleansing spray with antibacterial action for the hygienic care of eyelids, eyelashes and skin around the eyes
  • Optase Protect contains Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl), an ingredient to cleanse and help with the unwanted overgrowth of bacteria whilst supporting the natural microbiome of your lids
  • Using the product is easy with a spray on, leave on approach. Simply spray onto closed eyes and allow it to dry naturally, no need to wipe away
  • Optase Protect is highly tolerable due to the pH Neutral formula. It doesn’t contain any irritants such as alcohol, preservatives or perfumes. This makes it suitable for sensitive skin and for all ages
  • Optase Protect comes in a fully recyclable bottle to minimise consumption of single-use plastics and therefore its impact on the environment