Optimel Manuka


Honey Eyelid Cream 15g – Dry Itchy Flaky Skin Treatment & Relief – Eczema & Dermatitis – for Eyelids & Face

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£0.50 reduction on all units when purchasing 3 or more 3 - 30 £0.50 flat


  • MANUKA HONEY CREAM: Made with 16.5% pharmaceutical-grade Manuka honey which is naturally high in Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA) that help maintain the skins protective acidic barrier.
  • EYE LID HEALTH & HYGIENE SUPPORT: This product is suitable to be used on sensitive areas of the skin such as eyelids and lips, and under make-up.
  • LONG TERM RELIEF: The formula is low PH and contains high levels of emollient (Jojoba oil), this cream helps restore the skins acid mantel which is crucial for barrier function.
  • PROTECT DRY FLAKY SKIN: Using the eyelid cream helps to protect dry, flaky skin caused by common eye problems.
  • DRY EYE TREATMENT & RELIEF: Patients can benefit from Optimel products that reduce dry eye symptoms such as soreness, inflammation and irritation in the eyes and eyelids.