Meibo-Tears Dry Eye Drops


10ml Meibo Tears premium dry eye drop containing vitamin A phospholipid liposome

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Meibo Tears is a premium dry eye drop containing vitamin A and phospholipid liposomes. These phospholipid liposomes help bind the oily layer of the tears in place and prevent the tears evaporating as quickly as they would ordinarily. Dry eye may be caused or exacerbated by deficient lipid secretion. These lipid-containing artificial tears have been developed to alleviate this deficiency. Supplied in a 10ml bottle

Meibo Tears is an excellent dry eye drop containing Hyaluronic Acid, vitamin E and phospholipid liposomes. The non-newtonian properties of the hyaluronic acid ensure longer lasting retention of moisture between blinks and the low shear force required on blinking giving lasting smear free vision. The phospholipid liposomes improve the stability of the tear film lipid layer helping reduce evaporation in dry atmospheric conditions and when using computers etc.

There is a move nowadays, away from unit dose vials for dry eye drops where suitable, with the aim of reducing plastic waste. Meibo Tears comes in a pliable multi-use more environmentally friendly, bottle that is convenient for the elderly and those with arthritis and other joint problems.

It is isotonic, buffered to a pH of 7.2. The preservative used is PHMB, which is much less irritating than the chlorhexidine, thiomerosal, benzalkonium chloride and phenoxyethanol used in some other drops. No components of animal origin are used.

Contact lens wearers may find it beneficial to put 1-2 drops in the lens prior to insertion and during lens wear.


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